Professional, editorial portraiture sessions are designed to pamper and celebrate you and the legacy that you are making. Images of you in your home will bring to life the love you share and the adventures you have together. And when you walk by it everyday, you’ll get an overwhelming feeling of joy, love, giggles and nostalgic purpose flowing through your veins. And our goal is to make those images be more and more valuable to you every year that passes.

When professional imagery is printed and designed to coordinate with your home and its decor, all of sudden YOU are your art. An investment so worth it, you’ll wonder how you could have ever lived without it. 

Sessions with principle artist/photographer at Antonson Images, are relaxed, exciting, efficient and an overall experience to never forget. It’s your fashion shoot you always dreamed of and there is nothing more Angela loves than letting you find your true personality that comes through when you work with her, capturing it with a clean, professional style that radiates YOUR true beauty.

Angela’s past experience as a residential and commercial real estate background, gives her a one-of-a-kind perspective with her art, and the ability to see her subjects in a unique light with elaborate and interesting set designs. Her work will be coming out January 2017 featured billboard sized on top of an art hotel (Lorenzo) in downtown Dallas.  She is routinely commissioned for her creative expertise.

Angela truly believes beauty is not just on the outside, it’s something that shines through when you love who you are, just as you are!